Black & White

The concept of black or white should be outlawed when referring to people aka human beings. It belongs to animal kingdom.  For example, dogs can be large or small, black, white or brown, long or short haired.

There are no white, yellow, black people.  We ALL are just people.

Referring to some as black or African American is a pseudo label to disguise discrimination.  Nobody is talking about European Americans or Middle Eastern or Asian Americans.  Actually some Africans are white skinned and some Europeans are black skinned. Our President, Obama, is not black.  He is a good looking fellow, educated and erudite.  The only outstanding physical feature about him is his rather outstanding ears. Still cute.

“Black or White” division needs to stop.  It has to start with the media. Our children should never be subjected to it.  Underneath the skin color or make up we are all the same.  Our blood says it all; it is one color: red.

Let us delete discussion re “Red Skins”.  It was not a skin of the Indians, the first inhabitants in US continent.  Just because they liked sumac as a deterrent from bugs it does not make one red.  Just like one cannot be green by being vegan or “blue” blood by being a member of an exclusive club.

Delusional behavior is promoted by the media.  They are color blind but not when the talk about people.  Right now you watch them being sucked in into sporting Sterling match. He said obnoxious things and she picked up the ball like a true player.  Whatever was said in a private conversation is protected under 1st Amendment.  Media heads know it together with their high paid attorneys.   Why?  Color and Controversy.  It works like magic. It is all about money for the media and more for Sterlings trying to sell the team.  Two billions may not be enough so it is now spiced with sex and dirty laundry. The Team belongs to the Team.  They can decide.  Selling them or even talking about it as negotiation is disgusting and equal to human trade.

We just celebrated Independence Day.  All “together”: Red, White and Blue.

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Addiction By Prescription

… or by design.
Drugs of all kind are in vogue. For some is an escape, for others it is a weapon of a kind. They are everywhere and produced all over the globe from South America, Afghanistan, USA. It destroys best minds. An overdose may kill one and those they love because rational thinking is gone and the need to fill the void physically or emotionally prevails. The old newcomer is heroine but there is meth, cocaine, etc.
We only hear about this epidemic when a celebrity dies. But many more do in the quiet of their homes with no national coverage.

A small rural state of Vermont, priding itself on excellent cheese, home to Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream, made national and international news due to huge drug use and drug trafficking. It is a “highway” from Canada and New York State to Main and the rest of the East Coast. It is “highway to heaven” for some while it is killing many and destroying families.

Legalizing marijuana is good for some; mostly users. Growers who invested in huge plantations like the ones in California, Mendocino County, may find their product soon available at Wal-Mart. The price will fall and so will the profits. They will look for something else to sell and profit from and I do not believe it will be tomatoes or lettuce.
In the illegal trade/growing DEA is out forced and their funding is limited. DEA is confronted with guns that we happily sell to the drug dealers. Many dealers are US citizens who import labor consisting of illegals who never see even a detention center. They vanish and sometimes it includes those who are looking for them.

Majority of addictions start in a doctor’s office. Doctors have little time to communicate with a patient. They do not listen but are only looking at their little laptop to check what drugs they can prescribe for you or push on you. They like patients that had surgeries or have allergies. The latter are rarely tested but require more sophisticated medications available by prescription only.
A doctor makes a patient feel taken care for and special. Yes it is special to have a human guinea pig to test if the drug works. If it does not, there is always something better, newer, a definite cure. Some patients have at least six or more prescription drugs to deal with pain, depression, insomnia, etc. The cocktails can be deadly especially when a doctor is not aware of other habits like drinking alcohol and abuse of other over the counter wonder drugs like Benadryl. It does not matter because all of the prescriptions bring big bonuses. Big Pharma is “lobbying” in a doctor’s office. Doctors in any group are treated to fancy dinners, cruises, cash bonuses.
Soon after, we see a commercial re new wonder drug that may or not kill you while providing a very temporary relief with typical “ask your doctor about it”; we see a commercial when attorneys will be happy to assist if you used the drug.

Unfortunately, it starts with children. Parents are usually too busy to deal with parenting. TV and Sesame Street cannot be enough. Too many youngsters were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Medications like Ritalin were overprescribed. Then came Prozac and variations, drugs that should be banned.
Health care should address the issue of monetary connection between doctors and drug manufactures including certain testing procedures. It should be illegal for medical professionals to accept bonuses from pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies. It is a clear conflict of interest. If someone wants to be a doctor; he or she should have a welfare of a patient as a goal. Those who see it as a “get rich” plan should take a job at Wall Street

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Cold War: Ghosts of The Past

Talking heads on the media are” losing “their heads left and right.  Figuratively.  The old generation of spies and “brokers” are training on new equipment.  It will take them some time.  This is not a 007 scenario when you get a toy with the script and a lovely girl to flirt with.   Nostalgia for good old times is in the air filled with new excitement.

Cold War is an abstract concept.  For younger readers this was when two nuclear powers provided a lot of posturing while selling bullshit to the people that they controlled with fear.  Well you can read all about Cuban crisis and Soviet powers.  At least some minorities were left behind and ignored because two sides: The West, with US at the helm and Soviet Union had each other as enemies.  Not much time for the rest.   Europe and USSR were still recovering from the WWII till 1990.   The US military complex was making a bundle on selling military equipment for big bucks.  There were proxy wars like Vietnam, etc.; US lost. USSR lost in Afghanistan.  No one would consider going to the bunker and start launching nukes.  That would end the “games”.  In my opinion Cold War can be played like a chess game.  That is if the major players have awareness, knowledge of history.  That is how it was played in the past.  We do not want anyone acting like a bully in junior high now.  They do not realize that some of the weapons maybe too hot to handle.

Ukraine issue presented a problem in Europe recently or right now.  Historically it was a part of Russia and then after WWII when the “comrades”: friends, a trio of:  Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin toasted best cognac and smoked expensive cigars, the borders were just tossed on the table together with the people.  Stalin reluctantly agreed to have Ukraine within his borders.   With the Soviet Union going into pieces: Ukraine was let go just like other areas/countries.  Yet for years, Ukraine was no man’s land.  There was a lot to loot.  And the looting is still going on.  EU is interested and so is US with exception of Germany, the financial hub in Europe.  Neither Germany nor Russia want an upheaval in their midst.   Both countries enjoyed steady progress and cooperation.  Sounds cold but it benefits the people.

Ukraine was looted for years and is in financial trouble now. The Kiev government sponsored by US may get some more funds in loans.  That will create austerity, which translates to lower wages, unemployment rising. Even with renewed religious fervor, Ukraine people will not take it peacefully.  And since they will be soon cut off from Russia in gas and oil they may welcome Koch Brothers, Halliburton and fracking.  Their land and soil will be destroyed.  Ukraine soil is worth more than any oil.

In the meantime, Putin showed up on an antique four mast schooner in Sevastopol last week.  It may have been SS Potemkin or replica.  He never showed up or landed on a carrier and declared a victory over another country.  That was WWII commemoration.  It may have been a touch of extravagance.  No need to get your knickers in a bunch over it.   We have a President; Russia still wants a tsar.  It is their affair/choice; not ours.

We always hear about sanctions.  It is a silly talk.  It only hurts the people.  In case of Russia it will hurt rest of Europe.  It is like declaring war on Europe and EU.

Let us look at hypocrisy. Sanctions: China?  Not OK.  Oh well the plane is still missing and we get “ping pong” response.  Did anyone bother look in South China Seas.  Nope.  We know that someone knows what happened to the plane and where to find it.

Then it is Nigeria:  cute speeches but no action; kids, girls, families destroyed for years.  The latest one is because it really hit the fan. In the past we ignored the atrocities.  It was happening for years.  It is harder now because we get more information.  Have not heard of any sanctions directed at Nigeria.  Business is business.

Sudan was divided.  United Nations, etc. were there to protect the people.  They never did.  We have over 600 military bases all over the World and cannot locate 200+ girls missing in Nigeria or protect people in South Sudan from genocide.   And would we ever address Saudi Arabia, the elephant in the room, when it comes to human rights violations?  Or do I understand that is mostly directed at women, so no one is offended?  I do not know too many women that wanted to go and visit Saudi Arabia except for religious pilgrimage.   I know many that want to go to Odessa.  You can drive there without supervision unlike in Saudi Arabia.

The Cold War is over, done did.  The new one is against women ALL OVER.














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Easter miracles and spring. The telly is full of re-runs re Bible: Old Testament and New Testament. Some is entertainment, some try to find old sources that tell the story more or less accurately.

Most resemble any legend like the “Lord of the Rings”. There are elves, dwarfs, angels and middle earth. There are monsters, scoundrels, thieves and women clad in flimsy linens. But depending how close you look at the “script” or someone call it cannon, it is obvious that this is just another human story or drama; full of intrigue, violence and sex. Well, when it comes to women, those who admit to it are whores and those who do not are blessed with Immaculate Conception. That should have all religious heads, the ultra-conservative Right, our Republican Congress, spinning. There are no contraceptives for it. It just happens.

Romans killed Jesus. He was a Jewish man and some of his peers did not appreciate his attitude. Maybe he was too smart for them; maybe he was arrogant and pushed too hard? No one knows for sure except that he was not God. Wonder what happened to his body. No, it did not fly to heaven or fell to middle earth. Maybe Mary took it somewhere. There is no God that can interfere with Mother’s love or anguish. Pieta.

There are plenty of crying Mothers now. Planes vanish, ships drown, and “Christians” run with guns killing. In the meantime, corporations fill stores with Easter trinkets from Easter bunnies to eggs in every color and substances like chocolate. The latter is very confusing to me. Is the egg to be associated with re-birth aka Immaculate Conception?

It is spring after all. Enjoy the Holiday. Feast or fast without giving a thought what you believe in because it is nobody’s business.

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Poland: War and Poverty

Wars are demoralizing. Those who try to survive have to use whatever means necessary to protect themselves and their families. Sometimes they resolve themselves to take actions they are not proud of. Some are just lucky to survive without any participation. Some do not survive because they were at wrong place at wrong time and never had a choice. They were in the line of fire.
Witnesses pass their memories to the younger generation. It creates history of events, etc.

History: every country has one and some have many versions of it. Some are more fact based and some are just a version skewed to please the current authorities and pacify the “subjects”, us. Right after a war is over and we have picked up pieces we are subjected to ideology and propaganda.
That is when real POVERTY sets in. It is intellectual poverty where we have to find someone to blame for our material poverty. It is hard to do in a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood.

Google is not kind to Poland. Some of the sites they carry of bloggers in Poland are full of blood curdling hatred towards Jews. Some have poor translation but it is obvious that anti-Semitic sentiments are alive in Poland. Jews are blamed for WWII and apparently stole money from Polish people. Some demand compensation from the Jews. That is after they confiscated their property. That will be tricky business. Maybe it is being on the “wrong side of history”, or like saying: “the weather is wrong”. Nonsense or as my friend put it once, what do you prefer: the absurdity of an abstract or an abstract of absurdity.

Poland just like Ukraine cannot exist without being a satellite country. In the past, Poland was a satellite country within Soviet Union circle. Now it is a satellite country within European Union. They enjoy some benefits like travelling within EU without passport. Good shopping is a huge plus. Other than that everything is for sale including land for fracking and becoming a storage facility of toxic assets for Euros. EU is promoting exploitation and discrimination. Small countries like Poland or Greece are sucked into the new larger corporation, aka, EU, due to material and intellectual poverty. The latter created by needs and wants. Ukraine is anxious to join the club.  They will have to adopt evangelical dogmas and everything that goes with it including EU anti-Semitism, and extra gas imported from USA in cans.

Jewish people will be fine. Maybe they are disliked because the less they have the more they can accomplish.

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Poland: Risky Business


Poland, where I was born, used to be a beautiful country.   It changed a lot due to politics, corruption, etc.

I saw it in 1992.  Living abroad had to return in emergency.  Mom was in coma following a simple procedure in one of the hospitals.  After twenty hour trip I entered a very dark and dirty hospital.  The receptionist in a dirty sweater smoking whatever told me I cannot see my Mom.  That did not stop me.

Found Mom.  She was in coma but pain was obvious.   Bleeding from eyelids nose, mouth was indication of Heparin overdose.  Why? Nobody knew.  Mom was transferred from another hospital after bad surgery that she did not need or agreed to.  I requested morphine but even simple IV was not available.   I was told that patient is brain dead and not feeling anything.   I am glad I did not have a weapon or it would have been used.   Since there was a witness, me, hospital brought few doctors to protect themselves.  They could not help and Mom died next day.   Without my permission they conducted an autopsy on Mom.  They kept the results secret.  I had to bury Mom in a closed casket.  The body was disfigured.

Mom was buried in non-denominational cemetery.   She was Catholic by birth but we could not get a priest in time because he needed to be “swooned” and paid in lots of money.  So it was a cultural event without religion.  Respects were paid.   Especially that she is resting not far from Dad who also died from Heparin overdose in 1986.  Poland still charges me for the graves.   If you die in Poland you will be charged.  If your family does not pay, you will be discarded from the grave.  That it is why people in Poland do not watch zombie movies late at night.  They are surrounded by zombies and more.

Incidentally, Mom and Dad were both 67 year old when they died.  Instead of figuring out what was going on or what was wrong I ran back to USA.   I was terrified.  Our apartment in Poland was constantly “visited” when I was not around.  My trash was gone the moment I deposited it in a trash area.  Encountered few friendly faces and one special friend who helped me through during the ordeal and fear.

Family collection of regular stuff like old antiques, china, books collected over years and whatever one would treasure had to be left behind.   I was allowed one suitcase.  I took old papers, certificates, pictures.  My drive to the airport was in a company of two policemen.   I was told it was for my protection.

Once in USA, I took a look at what family was talking about.  The pre-war obligations, aka CDs were issued by main bank in Poland, Polish Bank, now associated with Citi Bank.  They were issued in Polish denominations but based on gold.  The bank states they were in business when they issued the certificates I own.  Other certificates were issued in dollars.  As far as I know, a dollar is still a valid currency.   Gold that was taken from Polish vaults was returned.   It may be stored in London or wherever.   Not according to Poland’s authorities.

Then, what happened to Cegielski Company?   It is still there and shows copies of certificates representing shares that I own.   The ones I have were purchased at the inception of the company.  They deny that they are the same company they advertise. They are in railroad, train manufacturing, etc.  The certificates were recognized by Poland after the WWII.  The owner, my grandfather was put in jail for two weeks because he kept them and would not give them up.

I addressed all of it with appropriate agency in Poland in 1994.  It was acknowledged, registered, etc.  What followed was: nothing.  Years passed and all that my family owned is suitable for: is to wrap a herring at a farmers market.

I am told that there are a lot of pre-war certificates abound.  Useless paper: earned by our fathers and grandfathers not mentioning mothers and grandmothers.  Poland is still suffering from xenophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitic sentiments.   There is official denial and hidden discrimination.

The savings and investments were earned and invested in Polish economy, banks, industry, by my grandfather who was not foolish.   He worked as an attorney and was highly respected in his community.

It is obvious that investing in Polish economy would be a mistake.  Things can change very fast. The only difference between corruption in Ukraine or in Poland is that Poland has more elegant façade together with intellectual pretense.  It is a mystery to me how Poland joined EU.  They had to show that they took care of their obligations including pre-war obligations.  They lied.  Is Germany aware of that? It cost them a lot in reparations.

It is a different Poland now.  Not the one I knew.  In the past the umbrellas in Warsaw opened when it rained in Moscow.  Now everyone tap dances when the band is playing in Washington.

Well, let us visit a new scenario: a tap dance in the rain.


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Amazing Times

Amazing times.  All the satellite technology and software technology is in our bedrooms and checking the latest family gossip.  In the meantime, a huge plane is missing with 239 people on board.  It may be found by the time one of you reads this.  The media call it a “needle in a haystack”.   We may eventually get bored looking for the “needle”.    The families that lost loved ones will not.  They will look for answers and the truth.

Considering the time laps, it sounds more and more like someone is in need to figure out how to deal with what happened.   Things can happen unexpectedly to anyone.  So we have a multi million dollar plane without GPS attached to their data boxes.   One can have it in a Chevy or in a cell phone.  What idiot decided that it would be a cost “over run” if GPS is attached.   Sorry Boeing: let’s lose the pants and bring skirts in.   It is time to address realistic safety issues that are beyond the flash of flight simulator.

In the meantime, we are dealing with two scenarios of land annexation.  Putin is putting Crimea back into Russia.  It will cost him a bit because Crimea was completely mismanaged under Ukraine authority.

US is against it.  Sanctions against Russia will only hurt Ukraine and neighboring countries.  None needs to be squeezed more but it may open opportunities for US companies.  Putin does not give a damn.  At the same time, we approve annexation of prime Palestinian land by Israel.  Everyone applauds.  I am confused.

It is so disappointing to see our President act the way he does.  He has failed us in lots of ways.  He will give in to war mongers, does not give a shit about environment  (speeches only),  allows congress to eliminate food from the needy,  and is on the “wrong side of History” (his quote referring to others).

The plane is still missing.  So is our President.  There is a good looking fellow saying he has the job.  He is more of middle management with cute humor.






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Dirty Little Secrets: Real ID ACT

It is not about Voter’s ID.  It is beyond that.  It is about every one that has an ID or just wants a driver’s license. 

It was never a major issue if you just wanted to be licensed to drive but things changed in 2005 due to HR1268 (P.L. 109-13).  It was never published or disclosed to the public.  It spells out new requirements to obtain or renew a driver’s license.

Some states like California still do not post “new requirements”.  State of Vermont did.  They explained that they wanted to be “ahead of the curve”.  It followed with lots of confusion.  In Newport office, Vermont, people who tried to renew a DL were turned away because a passport and SSI ID card were not sufficient.  At first, due to lack of public info, it sounded or looked like the local DMV office was taken over by a gang of ID thieves.  You can only imagine that DMV would have lots of info already or have easy access to it.  Strangely enough, the same office never asked re one’s knowledge of driving rules or if they can drive at all.  So it may be that the ID/ privacy stealing gang is somewhere else.  US Congress?  I guess just listening to us or checking us via Internet was not enough.  Lots of funds wasted.   

Any laws are first introduced and passed by individual States and their legislature.  In most cases they are funded or paid for by corporations and Koch Brothers.  Those keep low profile and are hardly mentioned in corporate main media.  They stay in the shadows or dark if you will.  They dictate laws from how to administer “stand your ground” law, how to manipulate environmental impact reports of tar sands pipeline or fracking, to who is in charge of woman’s vagina. 

It is very sad to see that this country with so much potential and wonderful people to be only subjected with their media choices to “Koch Lesspublica”. 

With new “Real IDs” we can be tracked better.  Without one you may be able to drive if you can but you cannot enter a federal building or travel within US.  I wonder when the microchip will be the requirement so we can be tracked from a pantry to a bathroom.  Since when USA became a Police state?  Why are they complaining about what whatever happened behind the “Iron Curtain”?   Well: it was mostly a comic display of pompous characters.

In the meantime the high security measures do not amount to a handful of you know what.  If a seventy year old nun can enter unnoticed a highly “secured” nuclear facility without any problems; we have a problem.  So instead of giving the nun a reward for prompting the warning signs she was sentenced to jail.  The high “security” firm could not tolerate the embarrassment.

State after state is being sold out.  If it is not tar sands it is fracking.  The “propaganda” is in full force.  Oil prices are up and natural gas prices are down (for the moment).  For some it is obvious solution: go with the flow; take your money and run or just stay calm with a TV dinner on a couch or latest Lazy Boy chair.

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New Year and Games

First it was about shopping for Christmas and how it enhances the stock market.  Soon after with returns, etc. the stock market followed.  Bang for the buck. It did not last.

Then the usual followed.  It was weeks of bang bang with guns all over the place.  It is not even breaking news any more; just news about shootings.  People killed are not featured any more.  Schools, universities, shopping malls, etc. Too many victims and the attention is less because it becomes mundane to a common viewer of the news.  Gun control is not going to be addressed. 

We do address arms, “weapons”, control with Iran and other countries re their capabilities to posses arms, weapons or as they used to refer to WMD. 

They should have none.  I agree.  At the same time we should have none to make it equal.

The rhetoric of the gun lobby is that we should all be armed.  How do you explain the hypocrisy or lack of logic to your child? 

How can one live in democracy that is controlled by corporations?  Our government is controlled by corporations.  Beginning with Monsanto that wants to control the food supply from California to Africa and Asia and feed us with Franken food.  You have to eat twice as much to get proper nutrition. Followed by GE, Boeing and contractors they are associated with that make billions every time we go to war.  Our tax money is used to prop the corporations when they create wars for their profit even though many times they do not pay taxes.  We send sons, brothers, sisters, husbands, etc. to die or come back hurting only to be mentioned somewhere….  We lose emotionally, financially and accept the abuse.   We are programmed to deal with it by being tossed minor rewards like going shopping and getting a “bargain” compliments of your friendly corporations like Wal-Mart.

Here, in US, the mud slinging season opened to rival the Olympics in Sochi.  Scandals are still to be fully unraveled.  Hillary is the front runner.  If Bill is an issue there is a simple solution: le divorce.  Bill is a likable character.  Other than that she may have had over salted a soup or a stew.  In the end media will run with it and prop their candidates accordingly.

The corporate controlled media do not keep us informed.  It is disappointing that Egypt did not make it.  It looks like the military felt outnumbered at first so they let things go with throwing religion in the mix.  Now they are in control again just like in the “good old days”.  Yes it was a Coup.  The aid to Egypt is not to provide food for people it is in military equipment.  So we ignore the situation and move on to other countries.  If we cared about people we would never had bases all over the World 

The newest pawn in the International politics is Ukraine.  It would take many pages to explain the historical background there.  It was a divided country for years.  At this time it is subject to manipulation.  Again we are looking at the rise of intolerance due to religious belief, ignorance and lack of economic opportunities.  The region is only happy to go back to the old blame game.   It is over hundred years old.  The xenophobia, homophobia and intolerance or being ashamed of Jews or other minorities is imbedded in the minds of those who survived the wars.  Ukraine neighbors Poland that used to have Kiev under their “democratic” jurisdiction.  Poland suffers from the same phobias and still cannot move on following the wars.  The fight is still going on especially with the older generation.  Some are still checking their swords stashed in corners.

In the meantime, Mr. McCain and company went to Ukraine that he does not understand to offer support to those who are in opposition to the current government.  I think Mr. McCain needs to check himself for dementia.  He supported ultra conservatists, the purists, who run on intolerance.   Previously he went to Syria where he supported the mob that has affiliations with terrorists and then voted to arm them without any knowledge as to who they are.  He probably got a bonus from those who did.  That helped Syria get into a major war.  I hope the idiots in Washington take another look at their actions or do we need to throw Benghazi in their face.  Hillary had nothing to do with it.  We thought we made it there only to find out it was not so.   I have not seen anyone from other countries coming to US and standing with “Occupy” movement or protesting against our government.   They would if they could.  So why are we so arrogant?

The “material boys” in our government take huge bonuses with donations to their elections and all the pompous life style that goes with it by allowing selling materiel to whomever.

Worth our attention is the new Pope.  His message is clear: equality at least when it comes to wealth; humility and respect for others.  Respect nature and HER needs.  It has little to do with religion of any kind; it is simply a humanitarian gesture. 

Not very humanitarian is our President.   He is about to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  Maybe he missed the latest news like some in charge do on regular basis.  We need water distribution and not tar sand distribution.  He approved eliminating billions from food stamps with newest farm bill.  Who cares if your child eats less?

His lofty speech about minimum wage is not worth much.  This $10 plus 10 cent proposition for federal contract employees is not worth much.  It needs to be at least $15 to be called a livable wage.  That would make economy going because we would have a larger pool of taxpayers to support the rich including all those military contractors.  Win win.

The games in Sochi are about to open. It looks like Obama and Putin are sharing the same boat or missed one.  Both had great projects to launch: Obama launching his Affordable Care Act and Putin putting on the show at Sochi.  Both hired wrong people to do the job.

Both have to deal with scrutiny on daily basis.  It is hard to decide whether this is poor management, sabotage?  Well, we can all agree that it is lonely at the top. 

We wish you all better year this year and beyond.



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Warsaw: Haiyan & Climate Debate

The United Nations sponsored Conference on Climate change just opened in Warsaw, Poland.  There will be many speeches and many people patting themselves on the back. 

Haiyan just hit Philippines.  The account of devastation is still to be determined.  USA is being hit with severe weather or tornadoes flowing over the mid states like golf balls in a fancy neighborhood.  In the meantime, Mount Etna is offering her “fireworks” for the cozy reunion in Warsaw.   Many miles away but hard to miss if you are travelling through Europe in order to get to Warsaw.  I guess it is a reminder to those politically affiliated as to WHO is in charge. 

There are so many energy sources and many solutions.  The cheapest one right now is the oil. The corporations, oil companies, find the sources in less developed countries and will exploit the profits while offering “reasonable price” to consumers in more developed countries.  The oil sources will be extinct soon; in no more than ten years if not sooner. 

Same corporations are now into “fracking”, extracting gas from shale with chemicals. This is to be the newest cleanest source of energy.  Right now it is being exported from the source where it is being produced.  In the meantime the cost to the land, people and their health exceeds any profits to humans unless they are share holders in the corporation that benefits from it.  The accidents involving transports are many but rarely reported including the death toll and injuries to the inhabitants in the area where it happened. 

Other source is coal.  There are different grades of coal but there is no such thing as “clean” coal.  The extraction of the coal cost many lives annually.  It is also costly to environment and the health when it is being burned.  If you think the coal is “clean”, put your palms on it, rub it on your face and look in a mirror.  

Nuclear can be produced with new technology.  It is expensive because requires solid and well built facilities to produce it and maintain it.  The upfront costs are prohibitive for Corporations due to safety issues and expense associated with the construction that they would rather avoid.  It should be under high scrutiny, controlled by the government that is not going to sell out to corruption(s).  Governments have to hire contractors/corporations to design and build facilities.  The Japanese plant in Fukushima did not pass the test.  Neither did its designers and builders.   The problem is disposal of the waste or “spent fuel”.  Some can be recycled with new technology.  It is costly and we have to decide if we want to pay for it.   It may be an option.  French are doing OK with it.

There are other different opinions.  They include wind, turbine, and solar.

The wind “mills” trap and kill birds.  Turbines kill fish, etc.  We need birds and fish to survive.  Solar may be OK but the production of solar panels requires mining for specific materials and it requires manufacturing or production that creates toxic waste.

In the meantime, we feel better driving more efficient cars, buying bulbs that use less energy but are a problem to dispose of when they are done.  In some states you cannot dispose of those legally unless you go to a “special dump”.  So you have to drive there or do it illegally.   Then there are batteries, big and small, and those need proper disposal. 

Manfred Max-Neef addressed the issue of economics and how it is closely intertwined with environment in many of his writings.  In his version we are just stupid.  We destroy environment by shipping products across the oceans with huge boats spewing diesel not mentioning other man made crap that is just a side product of the shipping “adventure”.  Mr. Max-Neef mentioned butter, a product that can be done in any community; shipped from New Zealand to Brazil or Europe.  That happens to Apple Juice as well.  We can go on with the list.  It is called insanity list.

Just imagine if consumer demand was reduced by 50%.  The demand on the environment would be reduced by more than that.  Corporations are making profits from consumerism.  They seduce us with advertising and ideology that what you have is not enough.  This is the right time for them to make you feel obligated and guilty if you do not overspend.  They promote themselves as Christmas fans.  Just take a look at Sara P’s., aka Pee-Weeeee screeching voice, new literary adventure re “Christmas”. 

On the other hand, why not use the funds that we use most of the time to act like we want to be thanked for a Christmas gift that may be discarded to help others instead.  Those that really need it.  Let us start with Veterans and many homeless families with kids.  How about preserving our natural resources?

Going to a store for more?  Is it what we need or what we want?  When you are watching “bad” weather: typhoon, tornado, floods, etc., on TV ask yourself how much your trips to Wall-Mart contributed to that?  Goods were shipped.  They are cheap.  The oceans were polluted during shipping of the cheap goods.  Some of the people who made them in far away land may be dead now.  They lived in a country that did not provide any rights for them and most of all their safety was sold to the lowest bidder:  The Consumer.

Maybe somebody in Warsaw will understand and put forward the only plan that will work.  We need to respect each other in all societies, cultures, humanities and include respect for all life from an animal to a plant.   That would be a good start.

I was born in Poland.  Poland is known for its unprecedented hospitality.  I hope it will set a precedent in the climate debate.  Yes, You can.




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