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The Circus Is Back in Town

Their new star is, you guessed it:  Donald Trump.  While in the past Mr. Trump had shown some intelligence and business sense even though not always following the rules, now he has become a Donald Duck, rather pathetic with his … Continue reading

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Real Estate, Taxes, Wars

As Mr. McCain showed up in Libya he promoted our/US engagement in the local conflict.  Couple of weeks ago he promoted tax cuts and spending cuts.  Tax cuts for the rich, especially corporations that are making money in any conflict … Continue reading

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Real Estate & Fiscal Crisis (part 2)

Real estate brokers and mortgage brokers are regulated in different states by the state.  They are regulated just like any licensed contractors.  Once the financial institutions opened the “gates”; it was free for all: real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and … Continue reading

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Real Estate & Our Fiscal Crisis (part 1)

It was quite obvious in 2005 that real estate prices reached the peak.  The rush was on to get into the real estate speculation game.  With two wars going on that were not paid with tax money we had to … Continue reading

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Brian Manning, Julian A.

While 20 People died in Afghanistan, victims of retaliation that followed Terry Jones actions,  is anyone going to address his participation in this?  No, he is protected in our country even though he spent almost 30 years in Germany and has … Continue reading

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