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Intellectual Abyss

Today our president,  Obama, delivered his new speech on Libya.  While he presented a very poor case for US (a part of NATO) to attack Libya he went into his famous preaching role.   Eloquent and full of dogmatic, semi patriotic … Continue reading

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Lunatics Are Out and About

Not on the run yet.  It will take more bloodshed and victims for that to happen. It will not end up with Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain.  It may end up with Saudi Arabia.  Egypt is showing  lack of progress.  It … Continue reading

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Another War Another Dollar/Life Lost

or rather blown into a sky.  Why everyone got so upset so quickly about Libya?  South of Libya, in Darfur people were killed ( latest statistics have shown over 400,000 killed and 2 million displaced) and are being killed since … Continue reading

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Radicalization of Manipulation

Today was a very sad day.  The chairman of Homeland Security Committee, Peter King, held his “historical” or hysterical hearing.  The usual suspects are all over this:  Christian Coalition, Fox News, Tea Party and their new weapon of “mass destruction”: Ms. … Continue reading

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It keeps me awake at night.  It needs to stop. We should look at issues that bother us and discuss it without anger.  We need to reach the stage when civilization reigns not only with the use of technology but … Continue reading

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