Women, Apology…Equality?

Like most, we are still stunned and confused why this Trumpo man is still in the office.  He is mentally unfit, and sleasy looking to most while he sold us and US so he can sit on gold plated toilet.  Gold in Russia is cheap.

He was elected by boys who think likewise and women who are still under control of the boys who will abuse them so they cannot think.   ….They are beginning to think now and even talk about it… .   Yet, we are still apologizing.

The abuse still goes on and women try to survive it.  They are punished in many ways if not accepting the abuser’s control.  It is like writing about ”Flowers in the basement” for some of us.  I hope my story will help some.

In the meantime: this website is about equality for ALL of us: men, women, homosexual, or sexually free, transgender in any color, race (who knows what that means), religion?

Enjoy the Holliday season….

Eve, the female who broke the rules of paradise

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Madness of Trump

Most of us are still recovering. We did not believe it would REALLY happen till January 20, 2017.

We are hugely embarrassed by under-estimating our country.  It is not a true utopian democracy but we try our best.  It worked before and we took the good with the bad.   This time…we are looking at INSANITY.

“Predator in Chief”, as Jane Fonda referred to the “thing, it or id” was sworn in as US President and no one yet is talking about the factual or medical observation that the “thing” is an imbecile. Just take a good look. One wonders where the security to get him out of harm’s way is. Can one put him through impeachment? No way. He is not competent to stand trial. In the past he had well paid attorneys. He displayed his wealth, women, etc.   He still does as predator in chief and to his amusement almost Shakespearian characters emerge like his beloved…daughter, a queen to be, but yet to understand simple issues like protocol. She thinks she will take over like Lady Macbeth. Dad will be happy just to suck on his thumb when not on Twitter. It looks like the White House, the symbol of our country was turned into asylum for insane with $$$.

In the meantime, women are protesting. ALL good people are protesting. We have issues like equality in gender, nationality, religion…and then climate and science that are tossed out by the predator.

We are trying but soon everyone will be tired. This is something we need to be aware of.

Any ideas you have now should be put to work without delay.











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Life imitates fiction as it was stated by many in the past.

Here, in US we got a “president elect”, Mr. Trump as a result of how poorly the election process is designed as it is not based on popular vote. Some are still licking the wounds and some are still counting the votes. Many in the past and right now are going to be pioneers in correcting the voting process and getting rid of the antiquated system, the Electoral College. It was based on a feudal system to begin with and then esp. in the South US, where the states had lots of slaves, white men got more votes as they considered themselves a minority.

Mr. Trump tapped into true spirit of what is wrong across the US and elsewhere. People are unhappy, especially the younger generation. There is no good education and jobs are not there. ALL politicians failed and they will from now on.

Good education is very expensive and requires good tutors. If we can change main media focus into what is important we may have a chance. That would require major approval from the main corporations. You know who they are. They manipulate the entire system.

So, let us get together and support Independent News/Networks like Link TV and Free Speech TV, and get more.   Some are carried on DirecTV and Dish but not on Comcast Cable. I guess the Fox/Murdoch forbids that.

Mr. Trump was shocked as much as we were when elected. He wished another outcome but got stuck to perform at this time.  Man is totally lost with his little hands flapping in the air: oh no: not me.

We are a great country and somewhat civilized. We are not like those French beheading a king or sending an emperor with his Cognac to a nice Island. We are nice, cool, collected and still have options.

First, let’s give due to Mr. Trump. He has too much to deal with and we understand that too much is overwhelming. He needs a gracious way out. We are here to help. There is so much out there to have and to hold: hotels, golf courses, casinos. Putin is boring comparing to that but you, Mr. Trump, do share the love of gold. You could only do toilet seats with gold plate? Putin did roofs with it.   Now he holds “trump” card. NO ONE can accept this. Not In USA.

NY is the present home to Mr. Trump in his Trump Tower. The White House would not be suitable. And “We the People” do not want to see Trump there and do not give a damn where he wants to live:

Just good wishes to the man who wanted to be a President.












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USA Congress: Color of Money

Bibi and “Boner”, or boys behaving badly.  It is obvious that our Congress needs adult supervision.  The other day we witnessed an absurd performance by Mr. Netanyahu with his fictional scenario that was applauded by some in the House of Idiots.

Most of us in USA and most in Israel found the performance very embarrassing.    We do have to give credit to our President, Obama, for allowing the breach in Protocol and being gracious.  At the same time we question why the Speaker of the House usurped the power and ignored the Constitution and why he was not stopped.  He should be arrested and tossed into a dungeon.  That what French did with traitors.   Jefferson studied in France.  We should have an “Escape” clause in our Constitution aka when in doubt; bring them to justice the old fashioned way.   Catacombs have extra room to host new guests.

This is the time when we are in negotiations with Iran.   It is a sensitive diplomatic mission.   It is not up to Netanyahu to dictate to USA Congress how USA should deal with their foreign policy.   Bibi has all the nuclear weapons and a friend like Saudi Arabia.  They both want USA to shed more blood to save their biz.  Money talks.   Lives lost are just casualties in quest to preserve their status quo.

Freelance diplomacy continues with the latest.  Some Congress members including the Senator McCain (R. Arizona) sent an un-authorized letter to Iranian Authority totally ignoring the President, the rest of the Congress and United States Citizens.   The list of 47 traitors should be published everywhere.  They sit in Congressional seats paid by our tax money and who or what country do they really work for?   They get paid very well by foreign lobbyist.  Israel is very generous and so are those who benefit from the land grab there.   Who else is paying?  Just check the owner/guest list in New York hotels, Plaza condos.  The Congressmen who went astray should be on DHS “NO FLY” List.  That should include Bibi and Boner.  With that company the World can never be at PEACE and they have no problems how many children will die.  That is not OK with Obama and that is why we elected him.   Neither Bibi nor Boner are in charge here.  Bibi needs to go back to his country and get of his meds and get new ones, and Boner is the third in the line to be in charge.   Next time I would suggest sun glasses to go with that faux tan.

Some are talking about Logan Act of 1799 when Adams went against Logan who negotiated with France behind US back.  In short it is against the law for any US citizen to negotiate with foreign authority without the approval of the state dept. that means our President.  Oops.  I think we just witnessed it. Now the perpetrators are tooting their horns as if the rest of us were total morons.  I guess that is how they see us especially that we provide their salaries, aka, petty cash for them.  They get paid by others with REAL money and lots of it.

Apparently, when becoming a Senator or Congressman, one has to take an oath.  I understand they have to protect and abide by Constitution of the United States of America/Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights.  Question is: did any of them read it and understood the text?  Can they read at all or just count the money?






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Snow Job: Inside Story

The winter season opened with the usual: cold and snow.  It has done that since any records were kept.  It was a good excuse for breaking news on all networks.  The most photogenic “reporters” showed up with their measuring sticks dressed in their latest winter fashions.  They reported every new inch of snow.  They got there OK.  So did a lot of others cleaning up Liquor Stores.  Most of New England is still in shortage of reasonable priced brandy, cognac, etc.   That creates more panic than the weather.

Mother Nature is a bit miffed and shows up without warning.  We are abusing the nature by overconsumption and greed.   None of the cuties reporting weather addressed a climate change that we would like to sweep under the rug like talking about a cousin who overdosed.

While some had more snow and some are still suffering from hangover, others watched news or a version of it.

Short version: Libya is gone to ISIL or ISIS.  Iraq is almost gone, Yemen is done did.  Our president visited Saudi Arabia to say hello to the new boy in charge.  Apparently that country is on par with USA.  Nothing will change.  Floggings and beheadings will continue on schedule.  The visit was not reported much because it was an insult to any American or any woman.  We admire Michelle Obama for her gracious patience when facing this insulting situation while standing by/behind her man.   On behalf of the civilized world and ALL women, we demand an apology from the Saud Family that calls themselves Saudi Arabia.

We may get it.  While super rich boys in Saudi Kingdom dressed in long dresses/garbs are tossing baksheesh indiscriminately left and right to stay in power, someone threw a new challenge nearby.  That someone is Putin.  It is not about Ukraina.  No one cried when USA and Britain joined Stalin in Yalta, Crimea, Russia (then and now) and tossed Eastern Europe into Russia pie in 1945.  So save the tears.

This time Putin is going for Egypt.  There is the control and nuclear technology to be sold to keep control?  Who is next door and who controls Suez Canal?  There is more info about it and many sources to go to.

Inside story: Brian Williams is a great journalist now being tossed into blood thirsty media frenzy.  He reported in real time with facts and showed up on shows as an entertainer/journalist.  Another victim of corporate media.  Corporate media by definition is controlled by corporations.  They dictate the propaganda/policy and journalists have to follow.  There are great journalists out there but very few objected to huge embellishments preceding Iraq Invasion by Bush Administration and CIA that were obvious to many but reported as “facts” by reputable news orgs like NYT not mentioning ALL of the three networks and cable like CNN.   CNN that is in show biz aka news is most critical of Brian.  Brian is talented, good looking fellow with a twinkle in his eye.  We hope to see him soon.  That evening news is past.  Do not blame it on Brian.  Brian did the best he could.  NBC format is outdated.   Same goes for most networks.




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The Elephant in the Room

We are not talking about GOP strolling in swag in the halls of the Capitol or as my friend succinctly described it: “the inmates took over the asylum”; the elephant we are referring to resides on another Continent.

Recent events in Paris, France, have many heads talking as to who is who, why it happened or how we can prevent it.  They talk about Islamist Extremism, their training etc., but no one talks about where the money comes from to pay for it.   Nobody wants to follow the money. Yet, everyone that can read, has a memory, or knows recent history, including the best “Intelligence” agencies across the Globe, knows that the elephant in the room is: Saudi Arabia.

Our first glimpse was on September 11, 2001.  Hours after the fall of Towers we were in shock, planes were grounded.  But not all.  Osama bin Laden’s relatives were not arrested or deported but rather escorted to a private jet that flew them elsewhere.  There was little mention of that afterwards and no one looked into the investigation of the background of hijackers.  Fifteen of them were Saudis that lived a high life with income that came from another country.

Saudi Arabia, a kingdom, enjoys beneficial $$ relations with USA, Britain, France.  The kingdom is the main source of Wahhabism, Sharia law, and financing of modern terrorism.  It is an absolute monarchy with funds that is buying country by country flat out.  That “Kingdom” operates as an absolute power that can only be found in history describing medieval feudal system with legal system based on Koran that also serves as the Constitution.   Since they hold the purse strings, they escaped being brought to justice by any International Law Agency or Amnesty International.  They should be charged with major human rights violations.

Saudis keep the major players like USA, Britain, France, at arm’s length by providing oil with manipulated prices and purchasing billions in military equipment. Only in 2010, they spent 60bill in purchase of arms from US.  While military complex enjoyed the money, they have not given it a thought that they provided modern high technology to those who want nothing else but to create power shift on the global scale.  Other countries cower to the Kingdom.  The reports of beheadings (sometimes 100 per year), abuse of women and minorities are never reported.  Recently a blogger was sentenced to 10 years, a fine and 1,000 lashes (NYT January 8, 2015).

Saudis are heavily invested in most economies.   From Citi Group, News Corp, Time Warner, to NY Plaza, Twitter and many more, they feel everything is for sale and anyone can be bought to promote and enable their sinister goal of their New World Order that will include Ottoman Empire, the old foe.  They will not invade another country.  They found a better way to accomplish their goal.  It has been widely reported that Saudis use the money, power and religion to finance majority of terrorists from Al Qaida, Taliban to groups affiliated with Isis aka Isil.  Recruiting is easy with money and the ultimate goal: god, drilled into the recruits.  We are in the times of new warfare tactics: small disconnected units spread all over the globe.

The Saud Family owns the Kingdom.  There are many members who enjoy jet setting and do not have to follow any religious rules imposed on the rest of subjects.  They socialize with crème de la crème of the World.  In the meantime, the powers at home direct and control a covert/guerilla war with random recruits.  At the same time, Saudi Arabia with the entire military up to date arsenal is missing the ultimate weapon: “the bomb”.  Pakistan and Taliban that is in control there now may provide it.  That should be our main concern.

It is not about Islam or any other religion.  It is about power and desire to create new empires or redraw old borders.  Recruits that execute the orders are being used after being brainwashed, tempted by monetary or imaginary rewards.




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Reflections on The Season

It is winter in Northern Europe and North part of USA.  Same goes for Asia, Russia, etc. Australia is celebrating the season during summer as do other countries in Southern hemisphere.   One thing is for sure; Commerce is celebrating around the Globe.

It is a combination of religious and commercial pressure. Funny how they work together.

Sharing food with family and friends is great. It should happen more often and the gifts should be good deeds instead; as in random kindness.

There are some that have a lot to celebrate but let’s not forget those that are in pain, mourning because of the loss of a love one or those who still care for one that is sick. Or those who look at the Xmas trees in windows and wish for a warm meal and a safe place to rest.

Social inequality is still here, from California to Indonesia. We elect officials that sell us down the drain. Maybe we are too intimidated or just too lazy, or pre-occupied with daily chores to ask for intervention and voice our opinion because we would look or sound silly and have egos. Or hope that someone else will do it for us. We pass the responsibility to others. We are ALL responsible.

The recent events in Fergusson and New York is the best example of egos out of control because they need to be in control.  It is an aphrodisiac for them.   Such personality types should never be allowed in Police Academy or military in any capacity.

In 91’ Warren Christopher came to Los Angeles, California.  His Commission after 92’ riots established new guidelines in Police training.  It prevented a lot of animosity that we see right now in New York.  It should be done on federal level.  We do need law enforcement as long as they understand the law and their limitations as to how to enforce it.

President Obama gave us a Xmas gift: open road to Cuba. In the past one had to be rich and travel via other countries to get cigars and rum.  Now everyone can.  We do want to live together:  the more the merrier.   Cuba is a beautiful Island and a place to visit.  Hope to do that before Wall-Mart gets there.

On the other hand, North Korea, poor fellows, decided to give us grief of some sort. Everyone will see the movie now.  Yet it is sad to hear that the supreme leader cannot pee or poo. That explains his puffy face and the fact that he thinks that his military are characters in a video game and he can just push buttons to make them stomp in unison. Someone should point out to Kim boy that such stomp in unison activity is bad for concrete and should never be exercised on any bridge. It will crack. Same goes for the health issues. We recommend water and Metamucil.   And as far as Hollywood or life goes, we recommend watching an oldie classic: “It’s a Wonderful Life” if not go for “Scrooge”.

Enjoy the season

P. S.  Message to those who like Spam. Got plenty of it already. Thank you. You know where you can to put your spam…in a can.  Thank you






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Warming Up To Loser’s War

It is manipulation across the Globe. From Poland that is ready to fight Russia over Eastern Ukraine in SUVs confiscated from businesses to United States ready to strike with lots of bang.

In previous weeks the war mongers complained about Syria and the fact that we do not engage them in conflict. Our support to Syria in military equipment went through secret channels.  We armed the enemy so now we ready to engage them in a battle and now we can provide more profits to military manufacturers and provide protection for oil companies. Kurdish people were slaughtered, killed with poisonous gases for over twenty years.  It was not brought to our attention as humanitarian issue until this year.  Kurdistan holds oil reserves.   Oil companies hired the best, our President.

Hypocrisy of our government is beyond comprehension and it will be hard to explain to our children.   We cannot watch cruelty in choices to manipulate the agenda without feeling sick about it.

It is great to hear that we will not cower to terrorists. Why do we cower to oil companies and Koch Bros (suckers)?  They dictate policy.  Our President follows with nice speeches that right now are meaningless.

We can spent all the money and suffer more lives lost. What we are looking at is a region that was hugely exploited for centuries by Europeans and United States.   There are some there that are very well of.  Saudis, Qatar, UAE, enjoy some of it.  The rest lives in poverty.  They want their independence that may not be a democracy by Western standards but provides social and economic system that keeps them fed, educated and safe.  They are the 99 percenters and recruiting from the same all over the World.   They have an army now.  It has very little to do with religion but religion is perfect to skew and recruit especially within those who live below poverty level.

In 1977, it was my experience in Egypt that only 10% lived above poverty level. That was poverty without food stamps, emergency medical care, no housing.  Bread price went up and it was followed by demonstrations and riots.  Egyptians talked about the need for social equality with proper nutrition, education, medical care.   Years passed and nothing changed except foreign companies moved in and promoted their goods abroad made with cheap labor.  It is still going on all over.  From Egypt to Haiti.

Listening to our president in Estonia last month was like listening to a military arms sales person. Yes they, the new NATO members need to “pick up the tab” and participate in military costs.  USA tax payers need to see some of their money go into this country and its infrastructure, and help the unemployed and those who are employed with less than livable wage.  Trying to control the unhappy crowd with Police in military gear is not going to solve the problem.

Neither will war mongering. There are many educated people that are always dismissed but have rational and insightful opinion.  We do not spare the costs to promote more conflict by engaging NATO newbies like Poland to participate in war for zombies. At the same time we refuse to take necessary steps to free hostages but have to watch their gruesome demise compliments of major media that is short on true information but relies on shock value.

I have not seen anyone being slaughtered or stoned on the media by Putin. It is common in Saudi Arabia.    When our VP mentioned them, he was booed by the media.  The Citi Bank stock went down.  Check Samba Financial Group aka Citi Group.

We are at war with ISIS. Where, how?  ISIS is at war with the “establishment” or those who represent big corporations like Wal-Mart that survives on exploitation of cheap labor.  Many others do as well. We can bomb them but they may have another weapon.  It is called a virus.  It can be a computer virus or more close and personal.    No one can win this war.



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Robin Williams: Looking for Answers

He was an actor, comedian, never asking to be a celebrity.  Took his life due to depression or may be more.   More than that, he was a humanitarian, warm human being that anyone would love to have as a friend especially a child.  He had spontaneity of a child and wisdom of a wise man.  He appealed to innocence while teaching kindly and entertained the most jaded without hurting anyone.

There is a lot of talk about depression now and some call it a disease.  It is not a disease.   Depression is common and sometimes a result of life circumstances.   I understand that sometimes it is more severe and we do not process sadness, stress the same way.  We all have different wiring.   All of us can self-medicate to a point.  Nowadays, any MD can prescribe drugs that used to be only available through a therapist/psychologist.   Modern pharma takes care of us if we allow them to use us.  There are a lot of drugs used to treat depression.  It is a broad spectrum of symptoms but doctors are not trained to deal with it.  They get bonuses from selling the most expensive drug so do not bother to be sad or you will be ingesting psychedelic medicine.

Mr. Williams did not belong to rehab or an institution.  He was in need of care by professionals that really cared.  They are rare and hard to find.  They have to have compassion and knowledge that goes further than what is a new drug of choice.  Ironically, he portrayed some of those good fellas himself.  They were fictionalized.  In real life trusting a doctor to give you good advice or the drug that is right for you because their laptop says so is a mistake.  One has to question doctors and have someone else present to decipher “double talk”.

Then Mr. Williams was scrutinized.  There were signs of Parkinson’s.  It happens.  No, it is not a result of drug or alcohol abuse.  Same goes for cancer.  Any of those can make a person depressed.  They fight to get their life good and meaningful for as long as they can.  Mr. Williams got bad medicine from bad doctors that were not supervised.

In the past depression was called melancholy.   Lincoln had it written all over his face.  Please do not tell kids that depression is a disease.  It is not. Ebola is a disease.   Depression requires effort from others to provide proper care: medical and environmental.  Patience vs drugs.

We ALL miss the guy and are wondering why.



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The Siege of Gaza: Survival of The Fittest

Hypocrisy is in vogue.  It is beyond anyone’s comprehension.  We, adults and children are watching the Palestinian people being bombed, dismembered and killed in hundreds.  Israel wants them out of their territory so they can extend the borders.  Israel has acted for years as imperialistic power.  It has nothing to do with being Jewish.  It is against Jewish religion.

Mr. Netanyahu proved to be a megalomaniac that requires psychological treatment.  As in the past the World is watching and taking polls instead of asking for intervention.   French in the past took steps into sanity and sent Napoleon with his cognac to an Island.   Hitler finally got nailed after millions of lives were lost.  But he was good for business; military spending, so still a model of how to start new business with billions paid by naive taxpayers.

Mr. Netanyahu destroyed the only power plant in Gaza.  The hospitals have short power supply but mostly all people in Gaza have no water, etc.   Sewer is flowing into Mediterranean Sea from Israel and Gaza to Egypt, Algeria, Italy, Greece, and beyond.  It is going to be huge ecological and humanitarian disaster.   All this is to remove and expel Palestinian from their land or exterminate them.

Bibi is looking to destroy tunnels under Gaza that run through to Jerusalem or Bethlehem.   Some are reinforced with new construction materials but according to historical sources those tunnels used to be sewer canals; some developed as early as 100-200 AD.   The stone used in those is subject to errosion so it is has to be reinforced.   No one knows if their destruction would lead to more destruction of ancient infrastructure and historical monuments that we want to preserve.  Madmen do not care.   Napoleon took a shot at Sphinx and took off his nose.  That was Napoleon famous mark on history.  Tunnels/canals exist in most of Middle East and European cities.  Some are open like in Venice or Amsterdam and some are underground.  They were used in Poland when underground/resistance fighters and others wanted to escape German siege.  Check “Kanal”, a movie made in 1957, Andrew Wajda, director.

Almost seventy years after WWII there is new rise in national identity, nationalistic movement, aka national chauvinism.  The old concept of being a part of melting pot is being replaced with a salad bowl.  It requires having enemies, real or imaginary, fueled by the past and present.  Enemy is essential to control populace.  Some would be panic stricken with the thought of enemy but more so with absence of one.  The fear to fear spreads faster than a virus and no one is immune.

Here in USA, the enemy is an immigrant, especially children.  We try to sell double standard to our children.  Some are too young to comprehend and some are confused but they will judge us later on.

The new Tsar, Vladimir, of Russia is being penalized for his national expansion, ideas, activities.  Penalizing Putin is equal to penalizing Europe.  I guess neither Putin nor Europe was interested or had enough funds to buy from US military industry.  So we promote Bibi, the tyrant of Middle East.  War is good for business.

It has been said many times that:  “for evil to exist requires good people to do nothing”.  That is what is happening now.  Listening to the news from Israel is reminiscent of old stories when Germans applauded the Creep of the Century, the leader, Hitler.  They were intoxicated with national pride, superiority, false sense of security and believed that they were “chosen people”.  That did not last.

Netanyahu is a dangerous individual.  While he is on the quest to eliminate Palestinians and take over all   of Palestine, he is going to destroy Israel.  He is more than a neighborhood bully; he is insane.  In the meantime he gets support from US with lots of ammunition that is manufactured in US and paid for with our tax dollars.  We should see how much it cost us to kill thousands of Palestinians.

Some have concerns that disagreeing with Bibi may be considered as enemy of Jewish people.  Wrong.  Those who believe in Judaism would rather have nothing to do with Bibi or Israel.  There is no religion or any version of it that promotes hatred, killing, etc.  Politicians, tyrants feeling empowered will manipulate anything to “divide and conquer”.

Hopefully clear minds will prevail.

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